SONA JOBARTEH (live) / DJ DAZEE & MC CHICKABOO – A Taste Of Shambala

Produced by
  • AiDU TV
  • Sona Jobarteh
  • DJ Dazee
  • MC Chickaboo

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Wow… what a treat this show is!

Our third installment of highlights from Shambala Festival’s Digital Weekender features a totally stunning live performance from SONA JOBARTEH and her band alongside a proper bad ass set from jungle and D&B pioneer, DJ DAZEE while MC CHICKABOO holds the mic.

Sona Jobarteh is a truly inspirational figure of West African music. Coming from a griot lineage, Sona broke down myriad cultural boundaries to become the first female professional kora player. Her talent is incredible and her band are stunning. This set was recorded and filmed exclusively at The Jam Jar for Shambala Festival who were planning on presenting her on the main stage at this year’s event. Alas, that was not possible this year for obvious reasons, but this set is a worthy second best option.

If you don’t know of Sona yet, make sure you check this out! If you know of her already, you’ll tune in for sure.

DJ DAZEE is a legend of the drum and bass scene who also has smashed through cultural boudaries having established Ruff Neck Ting, one of Bristol’s finest labels and club nights, back in the 90s. She has continued to DJ and has become famous for technically accomplished and dancefloor-smashing sets.

MC CHICKABOO, yet another pioneer, is the original female MC who has been performing since the early 90s and has performed with people such as Timo Mass, DJ Craze, Goldie and Afrika Bambaata. Her flow is second to none and she just exudes great vibes.

This show is certainly one not to be missed!