This show is a treat for all the family! The first half is fun filled family cabaret produced by Shambala Festival’s incredible kid’s area,

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Check out this amazing live performance from the incredible Wiyaala, aka the Young Lioness From Ghana! Filmed in Shambala’s Barrio venue, the music is

Broadcast Sunday 29th Nov @ 8pm

Wow… what a treat this show is! Our third installment of highlights from Shambala Festival’s Digital Weekender features a totally stunning live performance from

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The live music industry is fighting for its life. We have to do whatever we can to save and protect it. Live music is way too important to lose.

The lockdown has left 140,000 performers, agents, promoters and technicians in the UK without a steady income since March and it looks very likely that live performances will not be allowed for many more months to come.
82 %
About 82% of the UK’s live venues are now at risk of closing before the end of the month, according to an industry survey.
While major artists continue to make money through record sales and streaming during the lockdown, an estimated 100,000 musicians rely on extensive tours of smaller venues and festivals to provide their income.