Live from The Jam Jar (Ep 1)

Produced by
  • AiDU TV & Elliot Jenkins
  • Tezeta
  • Leonie Evans
  • Mr Switch
  • Ichi
  • Simon Panrucker
  • Rebecca Tantony
  • Brook Tate
  • Lal Muttock (interviews)
  • Polly Barsby (presenter)

Donate to help save and protect live music in the uk

Join us for our first ever Adventure In Digital Utopia: Live at The Jam Jar.

Tune in at 8pm on Saturday, 20th June for 

  • musical performances from Tezeta and Leonie Evans
  • spoken word and music from Rebecca Tantony and Brook Tate
  • funk & breaks DJ battle set from Mr Switch
  • animations by Trago Studio
  • what happened when Mr Ichi met Simon Panrucker‘s computer?

This whole project, from the performers and producers to the causes we all want to support, rely on your generosity, so please donate what you can.

All donations received will go to The Kambe Foundation, where they will be distributed to the artists and producers. 

Any surplus funds will be distributed to these four charities supporting the music industry through its current crisis: