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Since March 2020 thousands of live events, concerts and festivals have been canceled or postponed worldwide due to the impact of the COVID-19). Over 600 African musicians had been booked for performances around the world in 2020. It is uncertain when next it will be possible to hold live events. Over 85% of these musician’s income comes from live performances. These musicians have lost an estimated 6 MIO Euros in projected revenues.

“Together we can create a  SOULIDARITY  FUND that will provide basic relief income to sustain the affected African musicians.”Stefanie Schumann, Julia Kastl, Marcus Gora, Initiators for #SOULIDARITY by START WITH CULTURE


To raise 2.4 million euro through our worldwide  #SOULIDARITY campaign.
To provide substantial relief to African musicians, most of whom are not getting support from their governments. To show solidarity for touring musicians living in Africa.